Sunday 21st Feb meant 2 things – my 21st birthday, and Soundwave!

Being my birthday, there was no way I was going to work, but I did go to Soundwave as a fan, armed with a point and shoot!

It was great fun going to events with a punter point of view for once!
Festival Essentials 236/365

Then on Tuesday 23rd I went down to Luna Park’s Big Top to shoot AFI. It was quite wierd seeing Davey Havok dress like a man! (with red nail polish of course)
Davey Havok 238/365

The next night I then headed down to The Metro to shoot Escape The Fate. I’ll admit it wasn’t my best gig, but there’s another band I can say I photographed!
Escape The Fate 239/365

Soundwave Recap

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