For the first time in Project 365, I decided to do a photomanipulation. I found a tutorial on PSDtuts that I liked, so I thought I’d give it a go.
The Perfect Storm 146/365

The Perfect Storm

I got a Disderi Quadcam a while back, which is a little toy camera which captures 4 frames in quick succession.

I’ve found that’s it’s really good for capturing moving objects, or for different angles of the same object. You can see more examples here.

Confused Zebraarte de las playasHandle with CareDifferently Liberated
And if you were wondering, this is what it looks like!
Disderi Quadcam

Why Shoot 1 Frame When You Can Shoot 4?

Mest are one of those bands that I never thought I’d end up seeing, considering they broke up a few years ago.
Sure the lineup has changed a little but I still can’t believe that I’ve heard their songs live.
You can see more photos here.

Mest @ Manning Bar

The Sculpture By The Sea exhibition in Sydney and Perth is Australia’s largest annual outdoor sculpture exhibition. This exhibition was initiated in 1996, at Bondi Beach and it featured sculptures which were made by both Australian and overseas artists.

Because I shot most of the day in film, it will take me a while to get all the film developed, but here are some samples I’ve taken with different cameras. You can see more here.
What the Wind Said II 134/365
Dying for a Drink/A Symbolic Inscription of the Imaginary
Little Boy Lost

Sculpture By The Sea

Having just come home from Canberra, I was met with Torrential rain, and Kisschasy.
Kisschasy 95/365

Kisschasy @ UNSW Roundhouse

For my well deserved mid-semester break, Marky and I spent a few days in Canberra. The main attractions we visited were Floriade, Parliament House and Questacon.

You can view more photos from the trip here.
Spring has Sprung 92/365The SenateDetour

Many Sides of Canberra

On Sunday, Australia’s largest and most exciting kite flying festival came to Bondi. Click here for the gallery.
The Three Amigos 75/365
Colours of Bondi

Festival of the Winds

It’s hard to believe, but I’m 60 days down in Project 365. It’s a simple idea – take a photo everyday for a year. Sounds simple enough, but it’s really pushing me to explore more and more ideas. Here is a slideshow of the pictures so far, but you can also see them here.

60 Days Down

Digital photography is great. You can go out and take as many photos as you want, and you can just delete the ones you don’t like. It allows you to perfect a shot.

On the other hand, it can make you a control freak. I sometimes take dozens of the same shot, trying to make it ‘perfect’ and has somewhat taken the fun out of photography.

Over the past month or so I’ve shot roll after roll of b+w film. I also got myself a polaroid camera while the film is still available.

I haven’t developed all the film yet, I’ll get to that in due course. I do have a few polaroids up to show though. It’s a strange yet wonderful feeling shooting with film. You have the feeling that the shot is more important, you only have the one chance to get it right. In the case of polaroids, you don’t even get the chance to control the settings, so it really makes you concentrate on composing an awesome shot.

Enough from me, here is a photo of my amazing Marky.

I have more photos up on my flickr page so go have a look!

Film Photography

Wow it’s been so long since I photographed a gig, it’s been a well needed break which allowed me to learn many other aspects of photography.

So here it is, After The Fall @ Oxford Art Factory, supported by The Smoke and Here Come The Birds. After The Fall 17/365

After The Fall @ Oxford Arts Factory